ZFS on LUKS on root

Does anyone use ZFS on LUKS for the root drive? What has your experience been like? Have you experienced any notable issues? How well does it work when the pool is degraded?

Works like a champ. I used for my laptops for several years, rock solid. Both with a single-disk/device pool as well as a mirror pair. I tested failing out a mirror and it was totally recoverable.

These days I use native ZFS encryption with zfsbootmenu to handle things. The entire pool(s) is encrypted - the only non-encrypted bits is the EFI partition with the zfsbootmenu setup on it.

Resume from hibernation even works, from a LUKS encrypted swap partition.

My own root-on-zfs setup is here ZFS-root

@Halfwalker Wow, this is amazingly comprehensive, thank you! When rebooting with a degraded LUKS > ZFS mirror, does your setup drop to an emergency/initramfs shell (due to a missing crypttab source device), or does it boot normally?