ZFS on Windows 10 as Media Storage

Hi. Thanks for setting up this discourse. I am thinking about using zfs on windows for my media storage so i can benefit from checksums etc. is it a bad idea?

my NAS is currently out of commission due to unknown random resets on my also too loud and power hungry 36-bay supermicro server.

and my smaller NAS can’t get enough disks to import the old pool.

so i was hoping to setup a small stripped pool on windows so that when i do get my NASes back online i can just import or zfs send the data.

ZFS on Windows is beta software, and I wouldn’t use it for anything more than pure testing.

If you have Windows install on separate disk, what I would do is create Hyper-V VM with Linux, and pass Physical Disks to that VM. Inside VM create ZFS pool and share.