ZFS with special vdev for containers


I’m currently in middle of building my NAS and i basically have to possible options:

Either go with:
-2x8tb mirrored HDDs in one pool & 2x1tb SSD in another pool for fast storage
-2x8tb mirrored HDDs in one vdev with 2x1tb mirrored SSD for special vdev *

*(i know the vdev size is overkill now but the storage will expand and I heard that expanding special vdev is pain)

I’ll be running Truenas and use cases will be NAS storage for movies, photos etc., Jellyfin, all the media *arr’s, pihole, nextclould…

So my question basically is if the zfs pool with special vdev is fast enough for running containers or you would just not complicate things and run two pools? One for containers, VMs and one just for the storage.

I’m curious about your suggestions.

Two pools. A rust vdev with a special will never come close to an all-flash vdev on any even faintly IOPS-limited workload.