Good Discourse App?

I’m a fellow reddit refugee and very happy to see this selfhosted community getting started. I’m completely new to discourse, though. Are there any good mobile clients (prefably iOS and open source)?

Thanks and cheers


There is an official app, and it’s FOSS!


Ah, perfect, thanks!

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well, looks like it’s not really that “perfect”… AFAICT all it does is open the browser directly to the site for you. like, it’s a collection of Discourse servers with a one-click link to each that just opens it in your default browser. boo… with that said, honestly I’ve been getting along quite nicely with the site in mobile Firefox without any apps.


Does the app at least handle push notifications? Even if it redirects to a browser that would be a handy feature, especially if the chat takes off.

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IDK; I stopped paying attention to it once I saw what it was doing.

Chrome on Android can already do push notifications (I know, because I use its “turn any page into a shortcut” feature to make the web interface of the Mastodon instance I use act like an “app”), I would assume Safari can on iOS also…?


Oh, interesting, I didn’t know that. I only use Firefox (on Android) and haven’t looked for a feature like that. For now, I’ve got email notifications, and that works well enough :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s basically the same on IOS, it’s almost identical to the mobile web version and doesn’t do push notifications.
I’ll test the browser tab to homescreen version, if there’s at least a badge for notifications, I’m good for now.
A cursory search on the app store just yielded like one other discord client. Is this the same on Android?

I haven’t seen any other Discourse clients on Android, and looked recently. I keep wanting to make something basic that would take all the Discourse communities I’m logged into and give me an integrated feed. For now, I’m doing that with RSS and Feedly, but a more integrated experience would be really nice.

I’m using the official app and it’s not bad. Definitely a web app and has no native controls.

But it gets the job done.

Maybe I was holding the official app wrong, but with the Safari tab on homescreen, I even get notifications. So thats usable :slight_smile:
What I haven’t figured out yet, is how to create a new answer to a topic in the mobile version. I can only see the “reply to some other answer” button.
@Hypodes thanks for the RSS tip, I’ve been meaning to get back into the RSS game and this might be a good start

Do you have a favorite RSS aggregator? This might be trending toward off-topic, but I haven’t found any good ones since Google Reader shut down.

I guess we can trend off-topic in an off-topic topic :smiley:
At the moment I’m just dumping all the things in a mobile app (NetNewsWire). I’ve got FreshRSS on my checklist, but I’ve never used Google Reader, so I have no idea of the comparative goodness

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Off-topic back on-topic?

I just searched F-droid and it has nothing after typing ‘discou’. App Lounge, the /e/OS app store, has two versions of Google Meet and Awful. Slim pickings away from the usual app stores, it seems.

I’ve been using Feeder off of Fdroid.

Not sure if this is the same issue, but I learned today that if the thread was created in “voting topic mode” the “Reply” button will be an “Answer” button:


It took me a while to find it / figure that one out. When creating your own topic you can change between the modes in the upper left corner. — It appears to makes a thread behave more like a StackOverflow Q&A.

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Not quite (for me with the app on iOS).

Discourse Hub remains in the foreground for as long as I browse instances of Discourse.

Firefox, my preferred browser, comes to the foreground if I follow (in Discourse Hub) a link to something that is not in the instance of Discourse.

For me, Discord Hub is largely useless with Mozilla Discourse.