Intel RST Support

I have a Supermicro board where I was planning on using Intel RST. Supermicro suggested that I determine whether or not the distro I would be using supports it. Does anyone know whether or not that Proxmox does support it?

I have Proxmox VE running on 3 HP EliteBook/ProBook laptops (and Proxmox Backup Server running on another) and all are using the onboard iRST controller for some of their drives.

One HP 8560p is passing it through to my TrueNAS Core VM which is running a ZFS 5x SSD RAID-Z2 array. On the HP 8560p, including HP’s ‘Advanced’ Dock (it’s nothing of the sort), I discovered there are only 5 ways to connect to the 6-port iRST controller!. So yes, I believe Proxmox does support iRST…